Suburban Samurai- 6 Months of Winter Music Video

I was stoked to make a video with these guys, they are one of my new favorite Vermont bands. They pour energy and soul into pop punk music in amazing ways.

Principle photography shot on location at the Andy Williams A-Dog Skatepark on Lake Champlain in Burlington VT.

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Ben Dunham- Lie To Me Music Video

A music video I shot with Ben Dunham, a singer/songwriter based out of Montpelier, Vermont. Ben and I shot this video in late summer 2018 making use of Stowe Mountain as the backdrop for a metaphoric storyline to support the message of the song.

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Dead Seas- Vestige Music Video

One of my most comprehensive videos to date, I shot, directed, edited, and produced a music video for Vermont metalcore band Dead Seas.

I really enjoyed using VFX to help bring the imagery of the lyrics and the story of this video to life.

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Nechromancer- Unhallows Grieve Music Video

Trying out the darker side of film, I directed this little music video for my band Nechromancer in 2016.

All photography shot on location in the ruins of the East Mountain abandoned radar base in the mountains of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

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The Red Summer Sun- Room To Grow Music Video

A performance-based music video I made for The Red Summer Sun to advertise the release of their debut EP shot in variation locations around Burlington and Stowe Vermont. I can't wait to hear more music from these guys, they put a lot of heart and soul into their music and I was honored to work with them!

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Jiggawaltz- 60 Seconds of Funk

I covered a couple shows by the awesome dudes in the VT/NY-based jam band Jiggawaltz and fell in love with their sound.

This is an overview containing clips from the many videos I made with them, check out their Facebook/YouTube page for full live performances and go see these guys live!

Check out Jiggawaltz's YouTube page by clicking here!

Vakkuum @ Igloofest Montreal 01-28-2016

A video recap I shot for Vakkuum's set at Montreal Igloofest's epic 10-year anniversary show.

All music producted by Vakkuum. Experience more of Vakkuum's music at:

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